Why Your Business Should Have Product Videos!

February 13, 2018

Videos are the future of marketing.

If you ever wonder what the next step is after you made a nice website and landing page, it's videos. Having videos provides your customers with both auditory and visual senses. This creates a more emerging way to captivate their interest while leaving a more lasting impression than just photos alone.


Forget text!

People are either getting busier or lazier and both result in one thing...less reading. Don't layer an essay on your product page, instead put up key points and highlights instead. Photos are great, but once you have video, your engagement on the page just shot up 50%. This is due to many factors, but the main one is focus. Your customer might not be reading, but they are able to listen to the video while they scroll the page, giving you a free pass to send information to their ears. This is important, since the stuff you hear resonates with you more than the stuff you read. 


Not all videos are created equal.

It is imperative that you consider the types of video that suits your customer base rather than what you think looks good. You can create a simple and fun video that generates way more engagement than a full on production commercial. Know your customers and formulate a story to gain their attention.


The most important part of making a video.

Take action! Don't spend days to weeks planning a video then decide to scrap it because you began to doubt yourself or had a change of heart. The beauty of starting something is that you get to finish it. You'll get this amazing feeling once you complete your work and share it with the world. Nothing is worse than regret, so get off your a** and get to work. 

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