How does it work?

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Once we receive your order, we process it for any inconsistencies, such as requesting for real unicorns as props. We will send you an email with an outline of our script to review and where to ship your product.


Upon receiving your product, we will prep it for photos and hero shots while it's still in pristine condition. From here we schedule the production date, location, and actors if any.


lights. Camera. Action! We find the best locations to film your product and capture an extensive amout of footage for the editing stage.


This is where all the magic happens. Our editors grab the footage and string them together with music, voice, graphics, and effects to tell an engaging story.


We send you a rough cut to view and make changes early on in the editing stage. We will work diligently to get the video to your satisfaction.


Upon your approval of the final cut, we move on to delivery. This is where we finalize the video and export out to your specified resolution and format. You will receive a link to download all the finished files.


Who is vuefox ?

We are just a bunch of creative individuals doing what we love. Getting paid is basically a bonus at this point. something something fox....

How Fast Is The Turnaround time?

You can expect to have a draft to review in as little as 7 days from receiving your product. Please allow additional time for actors and location scheduling.

What If I Need It Faster?

Our rush service is an additional $300 to expedite your video to the front of the pack.


How are you so affordable?

We cut down on a lot of unnecessary BS and get straight to the process. There's no need to be fancy in this industry with the big cameras and the big crew.

Where Do I Send The Stuff?

Please do not ship anything until you receive an email with instructions on how to send your item.

What About Large Items?

Most of our client's products are small enough to fit on a desk, so we recommend that you send us a message prior to ordering. This way we can be sure to accommodate your needs.

I have Multiple Products, Do I Get a Discount?

For volume based customers, we do offer a custom package that caters to your business style and yes it is discounted. Just ask us in chat/email.


What happens to my product after completion?

You can have your item shipped back to you or just have us donate it. We usually store your item for 30 days or more incase you need future promotional material.

Picture Formats

2000x2000 to 4000x4000 up to 300dpi in JPEG, PNG, or RAW

All photos meet or exceed Amazon requirements.


Video Formats

  • Youtube/Web - 1080p to 4k 40mbps

  • FB/IG/Social - 1080x1080

  • Custom: We can export to any format

Vuefox Policy

What if i'm dissatisfied with the service?

It's cliche to say, but we truly strive for the best with our clients and we understand that things don't always work out. In the event we are unable to fulfill your needs as a client, we can only offer 50% of your original payment if the request is made after production. If you are unsure about certain things, please inform us during the planning stage to avoid further complications down the line. Don't worry, we haven't had this happen to us.....yet.

How many revisions can I make?

We don't necessarily have a limit on this as most projects get completed below 10 revisions. We do however request that you make the revisions within the project 's timeframe and not after the project is completed.

Can I post the videos anywhere?

Absolutely! Our content contains royalty free audio and visuals so you're free to post all over the web. Our videos are not to be sold or used for purposes outside of it's intent.



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